The Oh Gosh, Oh Golly, Oh Wow! Podcast

Excalibur #65, “White Lies, Dark Truths”

August 6, 2022

Some truths are dark and many lies are white in the not-aptly-named Excalibur #65, “White Lies, Dark Truths.” We talk about that plus KISSING with scholar, educator, and psychotherapist Dr. Valentino Zullo! Do Cerise and Kurt really love each other? How can we tell? What does love mean, anyway? We're not sure, but Alan Davis sure draws it pretty <3 We also discuss the climax of Brian’s character journey and what it means—for him, and for the future of a book that Davis is going to be leaving soon... But put that out of your mind because Rachel’s back in red and there’s hugs to be had.

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