The Oh Gosh, Oh Golly, Oh Wow! Podcast

“Mojo Mayhem”

June 5, 2021

In this episode, we laugh, we cry, we over-intellectualize the self-reflexivity of itty-bitty X-Men on the run from the spineless dictator of a reality TV-based hellscape. Which can only mean one thing: we’re talking about “Mojo Mayhem,” the second Excalibur special and the first to co-star Sugah, Wolvie, Lil Dazzler, Lil Havok, Shower, Lil Longshot, Colossusus, and Psychilde—otherwise known as the X-Babies! Children’s comics expert Dr. Gwen Tarbox joins Anna, Mav, and Andrew to talk rhetorical functions of children in comics, the revolutionary power of granting children agency, and why “Mojo Mayhem” is actually a story about loss, grief, depression… and healing. But will the pod ever heal from Andrew and Mav’s incredulous reaction to Anna’s X-Babies indifference…?          

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